Report from “GAME/PLAY/SOCIETY” in Vienna

2010 November 18

Veckans krönika skrivs av Patrick Prax, doktorand vid institutionen för Informatik och Media, Uppsala universitet. I sin forskning intresserar sig Patrick för datorspelande – ett intresse som bland annat förde honom till “GAME/PLAY/SOCIETY”-konferensen i Wien

/Anders Larsson

— — —

From the 24th to the 26th of September there was the Future and Reality of Gaming or “FROG” conference held for the fourth time in Vienna together with the “GAME CITY”, and commercial computer games event making up for an interesting mixture of academia and business in IT and electronic entertainment.

The academic site covered interesting key notes about independent game design, the role of computer games in our society and learning and computer games as well as the presentation of a school in the US that is using games for teaching. At the same time the business part exhibited the newest generation of electronic entertainment featuring motion recognition cameras and exotic types of controllers for pointing at the screen for dancing games, shooters and a game where you pet an animated animal. Racing games in 3D for the immersive driving experience invited for relaxation after a presentation about violence in games.

All in all the event was an exciting indicator of where digital education is heading and I want to invite you to read the whole article I have written about it with more detailed information about the academic as well as the commercial site, many examples and links to follow interesting topics on the Project site all the way down at “Rapporter från NITA”. You can also just click here for the pdf.

If you have any questions or want to know more please feel free to contact me.

Patrick Prax

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